If it’s Saturday, it must be Marseille

I have been too busy exploring Paris and getting to Marseille to write anything. But here I am, in this ancient port that holds a special fascination for me because it’s in Provence but also because some folk traditions say that “ley lines,” running along energy grids all over the world, affect us in strange ways. And Marseille is supposedly on one of those lines. We shall see, but I will tell you that this place does have a very special, ancient energy.

My travels… I went for a “quick run” Friday morning and found myself back at the hotel about ten miles later. A bit farther than I meant! There were a lot of stops for pics and traffic lights though. After a bit of stretching and resting I headed out for more sightseeing, eventually ending up at the Tour Eiffel, despite the many reports of “les pickpockets!” I’m glad I made it there, because there’s a beautiful garden all around the structure. And I survived “les pickpockets.” In fact, I got to scold a couple of teenaged girls about leaving their purse on the grass whilst taking photos of each other: “Madame! Gardez le sac!” They thanked me and looked a bit sheepish and I felt like this was a sign of my further assimilation into Frenchiness.

I saw a report on the French news about this crime problem near le Tour, so they know it’s serious. THEN, on the TGV to Marseille today, as we were boarding, this little boy announced with some ardor: “ATTENTION! LES PICKPOCKETS!”

Unless those bastards have magical powers, I think I’m all set. I did WATCH out for them, but really, seeing those girls with their abandoned bag? Am I fussing?

Here I am in Marseille, and I shall try to write about this lovely little port city at some point tomorrow. It’s really lovely, a place of extremes, but I like that sort of thing.

My hotel has the loveliest rooftop terrace with a view of the entire harbor. It’s quite miraculous. At the moment I’m here all alone with my bottle of amazingly cheap rose, but I’m guessing that it gets a crowd later. The wine in France is all so cheap—obv they want us to drink it!


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