En Route, first trip to France and going in Style!

Air France contacted me not long before my departure to ask if I’d like to purchase an upgrade to Business Class. The price was reasonable and I figured it would make my first flight in many years less horrific. Sadly, I could not find the Air France lounge at Logan till the last minute. It’s tucked away in Terminal E, and perhaps the discretion is on purpose, to keep the strays out. Although I was disappointed that I didn’t get to spend too much time tucked away in the civilized and boozy comfort, I did have time for a very quick glass of a lovely white Bordeaux. French, of course. Then on to the plane, where I was very pleased to be greeted IN FRENCH, allowing me to pretend that somehow maybe I was blending in? They serve champagne as soon as you are seated and… again, what have I been drinking my entire life? Not even in France yet and already ruined.

When they brought the menu I saw no point in sleeping any time soon. I knew this would happen, that Business Class would be so magnifique that I wouldn’t want to sleep or even get off the plane ever at all. Oh, and lucky me, not having a neighbor. So I could steal the unused pillow if I wanted (I did). Not long after takeoff they carted drinks through the cabin and the first course for dinner followed soon after. I was too caught up in the luxurious vibe to explore the electronic entertainment options with much interest. Who cares, when the food, drinks, and service are so engaging!

Air France Business Class was really a lovely experience, worth every penny. Here are a couple of shots of my meals. Damned good for airline food!




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